Hi Everybody ! 皆さん御元気ですか ! Hola que tal !

Welcome to my wondeful world of Magic. I am "MagicJo", your host for tonight.
I am an Amateur Magician-Juggler(Beginner Juggler), a member of World reknown I.B.M. ( International Brotherhood of Magician ), F.I.S.M. ( Federation International de Society de Magix ) and JCMA ( Japan Closeup Magician Association ) also JJA ( Japan Juggling Association ). I do speak English, Japanese(日本語) and Spanish.

Magic became as one of my Hobby in 2005, I am still at Intermediate Level, because I have been only practicing an average once a month for around 20~30 minutes.

I specialize in "Close-up Magic" and do 20 minutes Shows and 1 hour Workshops "Street Academy " style ( at Coffee Shops & Public Library meeting room ).
Beside Magic Show, I do provide private and group lesson on Basic & Intermediate Magic for Absolute Beginners using everyday objects. No EFFORT, No MOTOR SKILL needed, as I teach SYSTEMATICALLY, step by step till everyone get it. At the end of each Workshop everybody will be able to perform 4~5 tricks to family and friends with confort.

My base area is the "Greater Vancouver"(BC, Canada), the most beatifull and livable city in the World...

Lets your journey to my wondefull Magical World begin... Cigam-Cigam ( Abra Cadabla)

Whats Magic?

  • "Magic" - Awaken your Wonder, revitalize your mind through element of surprise.
  • "Magic" - Tap into European Wisdom, European Cultural Oopart.
  • "Magic" - Over 100 yrs old Tricks were only possible to create if they new about today's Science(Chemistry, Psycology etc)???...
  • "Magic" - School Ed. & Religions are like Window/Mac OS, while Magic is like Android OS which Brain uses to performe mysteries and Wow audiences. Imagine what we can achieve if we use it for everyday tasks...
  • "Magic" - UNITE us all, regardless of nationality, gender, age...We are one, in Magic!

Upcoming EVENTS

  • 3rd Monday MAGIC SHOW

    Hosted by Fraser Valley Magic Circle, the 3rd Monday in March, July, August, October and December from 7 pm - 8:30 pm.
    Opening Night Theater, 33227 Railway Ave, Mission BC, across the street from the West Coast Express train station.(Children Free, Adults $10 Single show or $25 for 5 shows).

  • MAGIC by Kel @ Big Ben BOSTON PIZZA

    5801 Marine Way , Burnaby, BC.
    Every Sundays from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm.
    More info


    3rd. thursadys, @ a Restaurant in Vancouver, BC.
    For details Contact Yoosik

  • Camilo's Magic Class

    Commercial Dr. Vancouver, BC.

  • The Brush & Wand Magic Class

    4333 West 10th. Ave, Vancouver, BC.

  • Master of Magic

    March, 24th, 2020 8pm.
    Queen Elizabeth Theatre.


    July 24th ~ August 9th 2020
    Tokyo, JAPAN
    More Info.

  • 2020 North American F.I.S.M Qualifier Convention

    Quebec city

  • 2021, July 26th ~ 31st - QUEBEC - F.I.S.M. Convention

    Quebec Convention Center.
    Quebec City, Quebec.

  • World EXPO 2025

    More Info.

Magician's Thoughts for the 21 Century, recreate Phenomenon with Magic:
  • Multiculture Fusion Magic

  • Haptic Magic

  • Magic of Super Heroes

  • Biological Motion Magic

  • Magic Borealis

  • Extra Terrestial Magic


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